What are the ways to enjoy 123 cuttlefish?

There are many ways you can enjoy our cuttlefish snack. Each of these methods offer a new sensory experience that enhances our unique 123 flavour.

Barbeque it                              

One special way of enjoying our cuttlefish snack is to place it on the grill for a few seconds. Be sure to keep an eye on the heat because as the moisture from the cuttlefish evaporates, it can burn very easily.

Microwave it

Place our cuttlefish snack in a bowl before heating it up with a microwave for 10 seconds (heating time may vary depending on the make and model of your microwave). Once done, serve and your sizzling hot cuttlefish snack is ready to eat!

Pair it with Chilled Drinks

Our cuttlefish snack is definitely best eaten at parties or during casual gaming sessions. Just grab a drink as you gather with your family and friends and you are all set to enjoy our cuttlefish snack anytime, anywhere.

Can I find your cuttlefish outside of Singapore?

Our cuttlefish snack is currently not available overseas. However, we are looking for distributors to help us make this a reality. If you are a distributor looking to distribute our cuttlefish snack within or outside Singapore, do contact us for more information.

When are your peak periods?

Since our cuttlefish snack tastes the best when you share it with your loved ones, we usually receive a high influx of orders during the festive season, namely the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya periods.

How do I store your cuttlefish snack?

For those who would like the savour the taste of our cuttlefish snack a little longer, the best way to store the snack is to keep it out of the sun in a cool and dry place or under normal storage conditions.

Is your cuttlefish snack Halal Certified?

Yes. Our Red, Chilli, Sugar, Crispy and Original cuttlefish flavours are Halal Certified. We are currently processing the application for our Lemon and Peanut flavours- we are sure it will be approved soon!